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Hi. I have been on this site for more than a year now. Cut the long story short. I had a protected  encounter with CSw in September 2013 after Wich I got sore throat whole body itching and underarm pain etc. All my labs showed nothing including HIV (I tested till 7 months) however it was revealed I have diabetes. M internist told me I have pain in armpits both sides of the ribs and groin and thighs due to neuropathy. After two month a lump appeared on my front ribs 2 inches down my right breast. Two lumps behind my both arms one small lump near my epitrochlear area. got them checked and the doctor said its lipoma not lymph nodes. I have these small bumps all over  now on my stomach and thighs where vertical inguinal lymph nodes are.but they are tiny barely more Than 1.5 Cm. Went to an oncologist he palpated my armpits and groin but he couldn't find enlargedlymph nodes. He said to go to a psychologist. However for my peace of mind he asked me to take a color xray and an ultrasound. Again I have excruciating pain in these areas. Is it really neuropathy or am I pressing too hard? And these bumps have not grown in size since past 12 months. What do u guys think it is ?
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Hi, it doesn't sound like lymphoma - more likely it is an infection because of the history. Don't stop until you get diagnosed and treated.

With bumps not having grown. and since lymphoma nodes are usually not painful, I wouldn't worry about lymphoma.
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Thank u for reply Ken. I haven't had any fevers during the period of all this time. What kind of infection u suspect? I can feel my lymph nodes in my armpits easily and they ache if I put slight pressure. I have lipoma all over my body now 2 in my lower back which cause back pain some times. On my belly there are several tiny but easily palpable lipomas.I'm 38 and obese. I weighed 113 kg at time of incident lost 10 kg and gained 5 kg back. Also I suffered anal fissure too.
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Only some bacterial infections result in fever. Most viral infections do not have fever. Plus, not all infections can be tested for.

Lipomas don't hurt, as you know, unless they are pressing on something. But nodes can hurt when they expand greatly due to proliferation inside of immune cells to fight an infection, stretching against the enclosing 'capsule'. But yours aren't that big, so that tends to mean there is an infection right inside the nodes. Only some infections do that - cat scratch fever is a famous one.

We don't really have a range of effective antiviral drugs, as there are with the antibiotics that fight bacteria. But obesity and diabetes probably impair your immune system, else you might have defeated the infection by now.

Btw, did you know that dietary approaches can get you to where you reduce or eliminate the need for any diabetes medications?

As re lipoma: how is your zinc intake?

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