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could this be lymphoma?

Okay so i have had this tonsil problem for a couple months now. One of them is at least twice the size of the other one and they are both inflamed, both types of antibiotics (one stronger then the other) did not work. my test came back negative for mono and strep. The only pain i recieved was at the beginning for 3 days and then the pain went away. But it hurt alot i could not talk or eat and i had huge body aches also. It happened the first night of my menstral cycle that month. I have lost like 5 pounds in about 1 week, i have a swollen lymph node in my neck, i have headaches more periodically, sore neck and back, and easily tired, plus chills all the time. I am 18. but have been smoking for 3 -5years... my jaw has also started hurting the same side as my enlarged tonsil. i had a little hard lump in my armpit before this happened but it went away a couple days before my tonsil became enlarged. my moms side of the family is known to get breast cancer. my immune system is fine and i have never had tonsil problems before. And the last couple days i have begun to notice that my body feels weaker, i am more prone to bruising and scratches. Before i hardly ever got bruises. i am typically a healthy person, slender, and excerise outside mostly everyday. if anyone has ideas of what this might be then please reply.
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hi, the odds are it's some mystery viral infection

or some mystery auto-immune condition that was triggered by some viral infection

or even Lyme, if you live in Lyme country - and that's a very tricky business

not likely to be lymphoma, though

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