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dry skin

I am a leukemia survivor. I have developed dry dark patches on my back. What caused it? What's the best treatment?
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Hi Maryjo,
It's hard to say what is causing the dry patches on your back.  I personally have never heard that as being a symptom of leukemia, but assuming you've had some kind of chemotherapy treatment, it may be a response to that.  If it doesn't go away soon on it's own, I would definately have it looked at by your doctor.  
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Hi Maryjo:  I am a Leukemia Survivor also.  What type of Leukemia did you have, and what was your treatment.  I have CML, and have achieved a major molecular response through a oral chemo drug called Gleevec.
It does not sound like these patches have anything to do with the Leukemia.  I would see a Dermatologist to have them evaluated.  I hope that helps you a little bit.
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it could be from chemo or radiation if you had it. Best treatment is time. It will fade eventually. Keep it moisturized though.
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Started in December, Had a sore throat. Went to the doctor had strep test, came back negative. Went back in January, had slight swelling down the right side of my neck to the colarbone. Had CBC, Thyroid, and Complete metabolic test.. all were normal.. went back 1st of Febuary more swelling and pain still there, more blood work all normal, and a Non specific ultrasound of the neck.. Surgeon did a physical exam and looked at blood work.. Said he didnt think it was anything.. Now 10 days later started having a slight fever at night and some sweating.. very light around the colar, and pain under arm..Not the soaking the bed. I am really scared, Of course I ran straight to the computer.. fearing the worst..
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So is your throat still sore or just swelling?  Does the doctor acknowledge the swelling?  Any pain with the swelling?  Possibly you are experiencing some kind of infection.  

It would probably be a good idea to report the fever and sweating to your doctor, but I believe the sweating is usually more extreme.
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