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hard, painless lump under armpit, SCARED!


I seem to post alot in different forums on this site because i am a huge hypochondriac!! About a week ago i finally got the courage to see a doctor for another form of cancer i thought i could possibly have and Thank God the lump that scared me was nothing more than a harmless cyst! (ultrasound confirmed.) So now a week later a find myself worrying about yet another disease, this time after finding a HARD  PAINLESS MARBLE SIZE LUMP under my right armpit!

Now i read this could all be due to stress and especially since i dont remember this lump being there a month ago! But i take showers real quick so i might have missed it while washing. Who knows?! Anyway i have had a history with PAINFUL LUMPS in the armpit area for a while that come and go within a few days. All caused by the deodorant i used to use. And in the past i remember randomly getting hard marble size painless lumps in my groin area that i would ignore and eventually dissapear without me realizing within a few days. The only sign that i think is good is that at the beginning of the week the lump was HARD MARBLE SIZE and now its more of a HARD PEA SIZE. so it has shrunk which i read is a good sign. But other than that lump there is no other sign of lymphoma. So my question to any1 out there is, since i read it could take weeks or months for a lump to go away and since it already seems like this lump is shrinking, should i wait or be concerned. I really dont wanna go to the doctor AGAIN if i dont have to. This would literally be the 5th visit in 4 months! Insurance can only pay for so much.
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Sounds like your prone to cysts.  You can also have a clogged pore under your arm.
Its easy to get concerned over these things, because there are so many different things we could get.
If you want to be sure nothing is going on, then ask your doctor to give you complete blood work to check your counts etc.
I have Leukemia, and I felt great.  I just went for routine blood work, and thats how they found it.  What I am saying is that blood work can tell the doctors so much about what is going on in your body.  It does not sound like you have Lymphoma or anything like that.
I am not a doctor,but I do believe that if something does not feel right to you then get it checked out.
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Hi and thank you so much for responding. Also, thank you for the advice on the blood work. I have a question tho, I had a blood test done back in mid december for general reasons and everything was fine. So do you know what any chances would be that it had changed drastically in only 3 months?? Because im not scheduled for another routine blood test until june. And im sorry to hear u have Leukemia. All the blessings to you. How are u feeling now? And u didnt have any symptoms at all, because i have read that leukemia usually makes ppl tired because of the low blood counts. But either way, if you dont feel like discussing it i totally understand. I would enjoy hearing from u again and once again thank you so much for responding.
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