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hard painless lump in armpit

Hi. I have already posted in this forum once already for the same question I am about to ask. But since my last post a new problem has occured.

To start off with, a little background. About a little over a month ago I got a BAD severe itchy rash on my left hand. Within minutes I noticed this rash move over to my right hand. Then up my arm. I went into the bathroom and took off my shirt and noticed the rash now kind of crawling up the side of my arm. I felt itchiness also on my legs so i took off my pants and rash was also down on my legs too. Noticed it on my shoulders. It was almost everywhere except my face. I jumped into the shower to try to wash anything off if it was an allergic reaction to something. I made the mistake of looking up what this could be and typed in "lumps" instead of "bumps" and all this cancer stuff came up. So I was a little familiar with basic lymphoma info. So I checked my armpits since the rash was in that area also and noticed this hard lump under my right armpit. Didnt think to much of it at first since I used to always get painful lumps in that area in the past from the old deodorant i used to use and from sweating from alot of activity. But this lump was PAINLESS. The day of me noticing it, it was MARBLE SIZE! Now, almost a month and a half later, its still there but alot smaller. My question is, if this was cancer would it have shrunk the way I described? The lump is also movable if that means anything. I have read that most enlarged lymph nodes take weeks or months to return to normal size and some just remain alittle enlarged forever. I still think this lump is due to that weird rash which i forgot to mention went away the next morning. Any help would help me alot. Thanks.
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