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how do i know if ive got leukemia ?

my gf left me for another guy  and i was heart broke
it all started when i changed my  diet around to  a healthy  1 with 5 serves of veg and meat  no coffee or  fizzy drinks just water (4 Ls a day ) and  exercising my body each and every day
2 weeks later i noticed a lump left lower ab next to the belly button
drs said dw about it its nothing
another dr said its no hernia or ceptic ulcer
few days later i dislocated my shoulder while cooking  food so i had an empty stomach
they gave me morphine and madaslem in a iv  for putting it back in
but that night  i woke up noticing my finger were numb  then woke up again with a fluttering in my chest... and a dizzyness like .... i was gonna die or have a heart attack
the dr said theres nothing to worry about  just nerves  and the meds
another dr said   it should of been out of ur system by now and no way its nerves
the other dr who tested my reflexes said noway not nerves
i got my blood tests back and they said i gotto get more tests cause my  b 12 is odd and folate acid  also for some reason my red cels r enlarged
im so scared
the feeling in my head is like this numbness... i feel forgetful sometimes also i feel my  body  vibrate  oddly.... my heart races alot  and the drs think im crazy
in the mornings im fine til i start moving around abit then it kicks in
only 1 side of my head nowhere else
i stoped workingout this is day 13
my aunty said its just nerves cause it happaned when she did her neck but passes over 3 weeks
i have bleed from the nose alot and spewed 2 times  when i was first very dizzy but that stage has  faded
i also got this odd feeling in my eye and  ear sometimes...
my sister whos a nurse wont answer my texts back i doubt she cares
im scared to tell my parents incase its cancer or something worse
can any1 help me ?
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ok everyone!!!!!!! this is how  it started with me 19 days ago ...
started   with discomfort in my stomach! ... after 2 weeks of intense workout  diet change etc...
then.. i dislocaed my arm for the 2nd time ... they stabed me with a iv filled with madasilm and morphine and poped it back in sadly  the next morning i woke up with a fluttering and dizzyness feeling ...
first dr said ..... its just nervs and the medicine  
the next 2 drs said noway it could effect nervs in that area.. and noway its the medicine ....
now im here doing all these blood tests finding out reliefs and  syptoms ..
also doing tests on neck spine nerves with a dr

results came back showing i had a potasium low b 12 and folate acid low and cels enlarged red cels...
sadly  life goes on ... if u wanna hear my updates share reliefs or anything  email me at jonathonwoodsfansite @ hot mail com  
:) ill talk to u all then
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