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lump on left collarbone, painful.

About a year ago, I noticed a very small lump on my left collarbone, almost like a seed.  It grew big enough to the point my boyfriend noticed it.  No color to it and no pain at the time.  It's slow has grown since.  About 3 days ago, I noticed it has gotten bigger, the size of a pea, very painfu along my shoulder and some discomfort when I move my head or shoulder.  I have no insurance and like to have an idea of what this could be before I jump to conclusions.  I have not been sick as far as cold or anything.
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It sounds like it could be a swollen lymph node, which can be something serious.  Since you've had it for so long and it is growing in size, I think it would be wise to go see your doctor.  I will tell you that swollen nodes related to blood cancers tend not to be painful, but sometimes the enlarged nodes can push on other organs, nerves, etc., which can cause pain (and possibly explain the radiating pain you describe).  Lumps and bumps are nothing to mess around with and even if the diagnosis is turns out fine and you end up paying for the appointment yourself without insurance, you will have peace of mind.  

Good luck and please keep us posted.

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I talked to my fiance about it.  We are cancelling wedding plans and just getting a marriage certificate and have his father sign (he's a preacher).  That way I can get health insurance ASAP.  I don't want to go to the doctor without insurance because I always get the run around and bogus answers.

I've tried not to think about worse case scenarios but I'm 40 and have two children.  I stayed up crying last night thinking about what I would do if it was to be cancer.
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Seems to be a cyst.  After talking to my mom I started looking and poking.  A bunch of yellow/green puss.came out.  Still have big lump but atleast stuff is coming out.  Just don't know why I would get a cyst in this area...
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