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lumps on neck

HI, about six or seven months ago I noticed quite a large lump under my right ear I didn't really pay any attention to it, then about five or six weeks ago I began feeling ill (fatigue, puffy eyes and shortness of breath) and I noticed that there was another lump a little bit below my jaw (3 cm long both lumps are painless)  I didn't think anything of it and forgot about it, however I saw my Gp about 2 weeks later about the fatigue, puffy eyes and shortness of breath but didn't mention the lumps on my neck, he told me it was down to stress of exams. I wasn't satisfied with the answer I got because I knew I wasn't stressed and I had a feeling that something wasn't right, I showed a family member the lumps on my neck and they pushed me to go back to the doctor this time he looked concerned and sent my blood to be tested a few days later I went back to me Gp and he confirmed that it was glandular fever. That was almost 3 weeks ago and I'm feeling a lot better but still a little tired. However I am growing concerned about the lumps on my neck which haven't changed in size at all. Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do? Thank you.
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I would get alarmed only if they start to grow more. But rubbing them can make them bigger just from irritation.

Do you have any relatives with autoimmune diseases or very bad allergies?
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