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lymphoma symptoms?? please help i have no doctor

this all started i believe with a lump on my left testicle, which had been increasing in size and swell when irritated for the last 4 to 6 years, this lump turned into a cluster of larder lumps about o.25 cm each, about 2 years agao i noticed a lump on the back of my neck the seemed to bother me at the same times as my testicle, this bothered me a bit, but now ive progressed from being curious to afraid,  ive recently (over the last week) developed several swollen spots (glands/lymph nodes???) behind my left ear and behind my jaw under my chin and down the left side of my neck. Its painful constantly and im dizzy , i also almost passed out the other day for about 15 minutes my vision went blurry and grey and i was unbelievably dizzy it was almost like a dream or hallucination, i got really warm  and it was kinda hard to breath. There is a cluster of swollen lumps clustered around each other in my neck all about 0.5 to 1.0 cm in size, the one behind my ear is about 3 cm in size (what can be felt of it that is, its petruding from behind the left ear almost pointy in shape) there are 2 next to that about 1.5 cm in size that lay on my skull behind my ear, and one hehind my jaw thats almost an inch in diameter it causes a large visible lump when i look to the right. these are all on the left side and its getting bad enough i dont like to turn my head. I also have several like 4 or 5 swollen glands on each side of my groin. I dont have a family doctor So i am going to have to go into the hospital for this, Im 25 years young and from the symptoms and what ive read it leads me to believe i may have lymphoma or cancer, i dont even know what lymphoma is.
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I am curious if you have seen a Dr. about this yet??  Sorry, I do not have any advice for you, but my brother is having some of the same symptoms but is not able to see a Dr.  If you have any advice for me to give him I would greatly appreciate it.  
I hope you are doing better and good luck :)
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