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nutritional question

what foods should I avoid if i have CML and am taking gleevec? thank you
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Hi, I don't really know the answer but if you are getting reduced white-blood-cell counts, then I'd especially want to avoid any food with possible bacteria.

Maybe Mocha can say more.

Also, since a few patients get heart damage, I'd look into possibly using melatonin and Co-Q10 (OTC supplements) to try and prevent that. I'm not a big fan of alternative treatments for cancer, but I think that a few things do have value.
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Hi Jose,
I did a little research on the Gleevec website and here's what it said:

"Patients should avoid grapefruit juice and other foods that may affect how GLEEVEC works."  I'm not sure what it means by "other foods".

I've also heard that foods high in antioxidants (such as pomegranites, berries and some beans) can actually work against some cancer drugs, but I'm not sure about Gleevec.  It's probably best to consult your doctor.  
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Hi:  How long have you been on Gleevec. There are actually no restrictions on the food you eat, but common sense is to eat sensibly just for your well being.  You should not take any Tylenol or drink or eat Grapefruit.  
I have been on Gleevec since Oct. of 2000.  I was in one of the original clinical trials for it, and I am still on it to this day.  I am doing very well with it, and you can ask me any questions you might have.
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