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seriously terrified

Ok so for the past I'd say 3 years now I've had this swollen lymph node on the back of my neck o the right side its not painful at all I can't even tell its there unless I feel for it I've been watching it and in the 3 years I've had it it hasn't grown anymore its been the same size my grandfather gave me 6 pills of 875 mg augmentin to take to see if it would help and I think it shrunk it a little bit but not sure but I also have another lymphn node swollen o the let side of my jaw that also is painless that one did shrink down alot BUt not completley Im wondering if this could all be from my teeth I do have a very bad tooth infection not just I one tooth a bunch of them this is why I'm a bit nervous I've been having fatigue,  sometime shortness of breath and a poor appetite but maybe its from my teeth idk
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By the way I should also add that the lymph node on my jaw is mobile very much so and I just squeezed it and it shrunk down almost to its normal size
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How long have you had an infection with your teeth?  Longer than 3 years?  Is the lump on your jaw new?  It's hard to say for sure what is causing your lumps but I can tell you that usually swollen lymph nodes are caused by infection rather than a malignancy.  The lump on your neck may be a residual lump from a previous infection than never completely went away, but at this point it would be a good idea to have them looked at by a doctor along with your infected teeth.  It would be best to let a doctor prescribe antibiotics as there are different kinds of  antibiotics for different  kinds of infections.  
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Thanks I've had these abscess on my teeth for at least 3 years now for as long as I've had the abscesses the lymph nodes in my jaw is not new both sides of my jaw both had lymph nodes swollen my right side at one point was even larger then my left but then I started taking ibuprofen and the right lymph node shrunk down to its normal size but the left one only shrunk down a little bit but if I squeeze it it will shrink down to normal
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Wow, that is a really long time to have abscesses on your teeth.  My guess is your swollen nodes are from your long standing infection.  Ibuprofen has anti-inflammatory properties, so perhaps that is why one node reduced in size.  If you deal with the abscesses then I bet your lymph nodes will go away (for the most part).  May I ask why you haven't seen a dentist yet (or maybe you have)?
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truth be told I'm terrified of the dentist probably the biggest phobia I have not afraid of a doctor but definitely a dentist so anyways I do have a dentist appointment real soon but do you think I should continue taking the ibuprofen
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If you're talking about a week it two, taking Ibuprofen would probably be okay as long as you don't have a history of kidney disease or stomach ulcers.  Be sure to drink plenty of water with it.  If you're talking longer than that then I'd call your doctor and ask.  I don't think it's a good idea to use pain relievers long term as it can cause havoc on some of your organs...probably best to treat the problem so you don't have to take pain meds long term.  I believe for some extreme cases, long term infections can cause sepsis, so I'm glad you're finally facing your fears and going to see that dentist.  Good luck.
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I have had tooth abscess tooth for about 10yrs now.some times my tooth throbbed and I have bleeding gum becos of it. have finally gon to see the dentist. x ray was took and losts of dry puss was in my gum.have finally complete the treatment and I home my lymph node will go back down or will it b like that for ever?
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Hi jane1147,
It's hard to say if your lymph nodes will go down or not because they can sometimes develop scar tissue within the node which can cause them to stay enlarged, so just because the nodes don't decrease in size doesn't necessarily mean the treatment isn't working.  Probably the best way to know is through blood work.  I'm glad to hear you got treatment for your teeth.  As I mentioned before, untreated infections can become a more serious problem such as sepsis.
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All of your symptoms except for the tooth infections and swollen lymph nodes in your neck are what I experienced,  and for a similar length of time. Question: in addition to the swollen lymph glands are you also experiencing weight loss and are having night sweats?  If so you may have a form of lymphoma. But, only testing will reveal what the real problem is. Visit with your MD and have him do x-rays and ct scans. These methods were used to diagnose my Hodgkins Lymphoma.
By the way, lymphoma is very treatable if caught early. Depending on the variation,  it is up to 97% curable.
Do the tests. Know exactly what's happening. Then get treated.
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