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Could this be lymphoma?

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a mobile rubbery lymph node that was swollen to my groin which went away in about 3 days. Then I started to develop a couple of swollen lymph nodes in my neck - most have gone but there's still one there that is tender movable and feels rubbery. It's been there for a little under 2 weeks now. Shortly after the lymp nodes started showing in my neck I experienced a very intense fatigue that lasted about 3 days. I feel back to baseline now. My doctor did blood tests on me and all bloodwork resulted normal except that I was reactive for mono. However, I've had mono previously and my doctor said that the tests only tell hef that I may have had it at some point in the past or I have it now. My spleen is also slightly enlarged according to my doctor. She is sending me for neck and spleen ultrasounds which I'm still waiting on. I'm not convinced I have mono as I was told I had this by another doctor about 6 years ago although no bloodwork was taken back then to confirm. I could use some help or advice. Thank you
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"I really dont think it's mono"
I'd agree with you if we adjust it this way: it's not *typical* mono.

If you have an overactive immune system, then you'll usually be "atypical". Such as having a swollen node that doesn't go down as it usually does for other people.

I've also noticed that a lot of people with overactive immune systems are predisposed to experience a lot of anxiety.
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"itching to the legs"
That's important, because it points to an immune system problem - probably involving histamine.

Do you ever get skin flushing?

Do you have severe allergies?

Do you have a family history of immune system conditions like lupus, Sjogren's, Raynaud's, rheumatoid arthritis?

Did you ever try antihistamines like Benadryl to take away the itching, either tablets or creme?
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I do have environmental allergies. The usual mold, dust, pollen etc. I never really connected my itchiness on my legs to allergies I always chaulked it up to dry skin. No history of any autoimmune diseases in my family that I'm aware of
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Hi, there is such a thing as recurrent mono. It's rare, but possible. Had you been through a period of great stress or over-exercise or anything that could have weakened your immune system?

Otherwise, there are viruses such as CMV that can mimic mono symptoms.

Lymphoma? That doesn't fit well at all. We can go into that more if you like. What stands out, besides the things you already know, is that lymphoma wouldn't spring up so fast and then go (mostly) away just like that. I don't know why the doc would order the ultrasounds in your case. It's 99% sure that they will say "reactive", etc. Let me know when that happens :)   You can even ask the tech while they do the scan, but most won't answer anymore because they are forbidden. You can post the ultrasound report here if you like. All in all, I wouldn't worry a bit in the meantime. Look at the US as a chance to rule out lymphoma - which we know you don't have anyway.

Btw, do you have a cat?

"there's still one there that is tender movable and feels rubbery. It's been there for a little under 2 weeks now"
It might still go down. Otherwise, during the immune battle, nodes can accumulate fibrosis (akin to scar tissue) inside and that can stay for years.
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fibrosis  = not-cancer
Had you been through a period of great stress or over-exercise or anything that could have weakened your immune system?

I am always stressed haha. I have severe generalized anxiety so I'm a big worrier. But I've never had enlarged lymph nodes before

I was concerned about lymphoma because I have had some side effects that I didn't know was related to lymphoma over the years such as severe itching to the legs, muscle aches etc. so when these lymph nodes started popping up I was worried as I've never had an enlarged node.
My doctor ordered these just to be on the safe side I think as she is pretty thorough. Just left a bad taste after as I really dont think it's mono.

I do not have a cat!
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