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High Neutrophils - no symptoms

I had a blood test 4 weeks ago and my WBC was high. 16.7 - Neutrophils 11323.
Went on antibiotics for 10 days and the numbers were worse WBC 20.1 Neutrophils 15055.
I have no symptoms - no fevor - pain - fatigue etc.. Under great stress - my wife is gravely ill, disabled son, stressfull job  

1) high high are those number? Should I be worried?
2) what is the most likely cause?
3) why do I not feel sick?
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What did you find out?
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> Under great stress

hi. Cortisol (and maybe some other stress chemicals) can directly increase the number of neutrophils. Can that make your numbers that high? I don't know.

Paradoxically, the increase doesn't mean your immunity is strengthened, because the activity of the neutrophils gets decreased.

I suppose you could say that in order to be of use to your wife and son, you have to be a little more selfish and spend some time and effort doing something to reduce your own stress - or you might get sick yourself - aka caretakers syndrome. Good luck.
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When were these last labs drawn?  Yes, the numbers are too high; I would be concerned.  
Difficult to say what is causing this, and I don't know why you are not having any symptoms.  No Hematology referral?  

Secondly, doesn't help matters that you have alot of outside stressors going on at the same time; feel for you.  
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