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I'm scared for my cousin

My 24 year cousin is my best friend and was just diagnosed with CML and her doctors are very optimistic, but she has so many qiestions she is scared to ask.  They are going to put her on the "Miracle Pill" will she lose her hair?  Will is hurt her chances of have children?  As optimistic as the doctors are, is there any chance that this is a fatal condition?

We are scared should we be?
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Hi every1 i just got married to the man of my dreams and 2 days later he got diagnosed wiv cml as he was havin loads of aches etc we thought he was just over doin it we r only 3 to 4 months on he is on immatinib and is going great just want to say how much these forums help by asking the questions i have as when u talk to some1 who no's nothing about the disease or cant understand the way u feel is hard to cope wiv in every way possible we have decided not to ask the queations anymore like how long will he live etc and juat pray to god its a normal life for a long time and just believe every1 is different we are gettin their we av good day and down days but keep fightin guys one day this horrible disease and all other cancers will be curable. Xx
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Thank you so much for the information I'm so glad to have something like this to come to for information
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Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) is a blood disorder caused by an acquired genetic defect in the pleripotent stem cell.  It has several phases:  indolent chronic or stable phase, aggressive or advanced phase, and accelerated and blastic phase.  The transition between phases may take years (on the average, 4 to 6 years from the stable phase to aggressive phase).
After diagnosis of CML, the patient can be given Imatinib (I'm not sure if this is the "miracle pill" you mentioned).  Imatinib will not cause her to lose her hair.  It is safe with tolerable side effects which include edema, skin rash, fatigue, and myelosuppression.  Other treatment options include hydroxyurea, interferon alpha, and stem cell transplantation.
The advanced phase and the blastic phase can be worrisome, but can still be treated.  
At this point, it is very important that she regularly follows-up with her hematologist.  There will be series of blood examinations to check how she responds to the medicine she is taking.
Good luck.
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