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Question about neutrophil test results

I got some test results emailed to me and my neutrophil count is 2.  Does that mean I have leukemia?  I'm so scared right now.  I go in to talk to the doc on Monday but I'm scared right now and I have no one to talk to that can help me.
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Do you have antibodies to the thyroid found on testing?

Or if you have some condition that is something of a mystery, and has been for a while, then you might find that it is difficult to pin down. But still not-cancer.

Usually when people have mystery conditions, they can go years and then find out it is some dysfunction to do with the immune system. The treatment is usually to suppress the immune system, and/or remove whatever might be stirring up the immune system.

So the doc is more or less doing a fishing expedition, which is good and correct. But your neutrophils being somewhat low is not going to cause any alarm in anybody. Besides, in the rare cases where leukemia causes neutrophils to be low it, almost always it causes other blood cells to be low, too. Not just neutrophils alone.

So as for Monday, you can be thinking, "I wonder what mystery the doc will pursue".  :)  Your family history and your own history of any odd conditions since childhood will be relevant.

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My thyroid test showed my FT4 was at 7.23 and it should be under5.25.  It's always been off like that.  Right now I take NP Thyroid fro it but I've taken lots of stuff for it and nothing has helped.  You've made me feel better by giving me your thoughts.
I'm glad to have been of some help. Let me know what happens on Monday.

Or if you like, write tomorrow about any odd childhood conditions. And/or about "I've taken lots of stuff for it". Just writing it down can make it become more organized in your mind, and then clues become more obvious. That's if you like solving things :)
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Hi, anitajo. Leukemia is very unlikely at this point. Other possible causes are more likely. It could even be from a common virus infection. It's not unusual for people to get terrified when they see results like yours, but it's almost always not-cancer in the end.

Can you give anything more to go on? Why were you at the doctor's to begin with?
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I was there for a thyroid test.  It came back abnormal too.  It always does so they keep pushing meds to treat it.  Cholesterol was a bit above normal too.  Doc basically ran a full blood workup.
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