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Raised WCC and lymphocytosis

I've been seeing my General Practitioner for the past 10 months and my bloods have shown on 4 separate occasions that my WCC is slightly raised and my white cell differential shows lymphocytosis. I am feeling pretty unwell and have recently become increasingly unwell. I suffer with excessive sweating and night sweats, slightly raised temperature, severe itching, abdominal swelling and other gastric and bowel symptoms, unrelenting tiredness and have suddenly developed  a golf ball sized swelling just above the cubital fossa region of my left arm. My doctor has suggested that the raised WCC and lymphocytosis are probably due to infection and not to worry about them. I have recently become prone to picking up coughs and colds, URTIs, UTI's and various other minor infections but the symptoms do evenually resolve. If it wasn't for the fact that I feel so unwell I wouldn't worry about the results. Is it possible to have a persistant infection lasting 10 months and could my results and symptoms suggest anything else? My liver and kidney fuction are ok, no evidence of mononucleosis, thyroid is normal, no anaemia, ESR normal. I'm desperate to get to the bottom of my symptoms.
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Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for your advice. I finally broke down yesterday and pleaded with my Dr to help. She suggested another full blood count and another blood film (as the film taken last October was abnormal). I was referred to infectious diseases following the 1st abnormal set of results but they were unable to detect any antibodies for most infections including tropical ones so I was returned back to my GP. I feel as though i'm losing my mind and that i'm a problem patient. The UK reference intervals for lymphocytes is 1.3-3.5, my results have been at around 4.2. Does it need to be significantly higher to suggest leukaemia?. I don't want to hastle anyone unecessarily. Can a past chronic EBV infection permently affect the number of lymphocytes without being detectable as an active infection?

Take good care of yourself and many thanks again.
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Hi there.

I agree with you that since you have experiencing symptoms, that something may really be not going well with your body.  The elevated white counts with lymphocytosis may indeed be due to some form of viral infection, but it is also important to rule out proliferative bone marrow conditions such as lymphocytic leukemias.

I suggest that you discuss with your doctors regarding a possible bone marrow aspiration and have it examined by a hemato-pathologist.

It is best to get to the bottom of things as soon as able.  For now, have adequate rest and make sure you eat well.

Regards and God bless.
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