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Slightly High Relative Lymphocyte number in CBC bloodwork - I'm worried

I had blood work done for a yearly physical yesterday and just received the results from the CBC panel. Everything appears to be in normal range except for Relative Lymphocytes, which is 42.5% (they list normal range from 15.0-40.0). However my Absolute Lymphocytes number is in the normal range (2.49). My Relative Neutrophils are on the lower end of normal, 41.5%.

I am unsure what is causing this, but I'm really worried that it could mean something serious. I did have an accident last week in which I tripped and fell on uneven, broken pavement, scraped both knees pretty badly, and got some colorful bruises there. The scrapes have scabbed over and the bruises are fading but are still there. Could this have affected my Lymphocytes/Neutrophils levels at all? I do still have some inflammation at the wound site after the accident.

I had also started my menstrual cycle the day before, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it either (in the past I was usually a few days away from the start of my cycle when I had the blood work done).

Can someone please help calm my fears? I'm seeing my doctor for my physical on the 31st so I will ask him about it then, but until then I'm kind of freaking out. I'm 44 years old, in good health and I have no other symptoms of any kind, nothing related to the usual menstrual cycle ones anyway.
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You're very welcome, Jess. And thank you for taking the time to let me know that it helped.
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Hi, what typically really matters are the absolute numbers. The relative numbers can be deceiving, because they are like a seesaw: as the neutrophil percentage goes down, the lymphocyte percentage automatically goes up. It's just math.

Your doc won't be concerned over the CBC at all.
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Thank you so much for the input! I feel a lot better now.
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