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Swollen lymph node for almost 2 years, lymphoma? Or is it my dental issues?

About 1.5 years ago, I noticed a lymph node under the corner of my jaw about 1-1.5cm large, it is moveable. I went to the doctor who said I shouldn't worry about it. (I do suffer from chronic tonsil stones, though the worse effected tonsil is on the opposite side to the enlarged lymph node) However 2 years later, and it is still there (The exact same size and everything - I'm guessing the fact it has not grown is a good thing?).

Though around the same time, I went to the dentist, who noticed that I had bad decay behind one of my pre-molars on the same side as the lymph node. He took away as much of the decay as possible, but said "We're getting very close to the root/nerve now, and there is still some decay left", so he offered root canal, or trying to put an antibiotic cream on the inside of the tooth and fill it with a filling.

It has been a number of months since the dentist, and the tooth is still very very painful when exposed to cold. Do you think that perhaps the swollen lymph node is due to the tooth, and that the original procedure didn't work, and thats why the lymph node is still swollen?

Also, on a side note, is it also possible that even though my left tonsil is more effected with tonsil stones, that a lymph node on the right hand side of my jaw would be enlarged as a result and not the left one? Or would it effect the lymph node on the same side as the tonsil only?
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Hi, the initial enlargement of the node is almost certainly due to the tooth. Being still enlarged today could mean an ongoing infection, or it might be from granuloma.

The cross-side stones are not so likely, but still possible, to be from the tooth. Or you might have gotten the stones anyway because you are just more prone to inflammation than average.
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