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The right side of my neck is covered in swollen lymph nodes HELP

My name is Alex and I’m 15 years old. For about 2 months there have been a few swollen lymph nodes on my right collarbone slowly getting bigger now this week so many have popped up only on the right side of my neck, Some are pretty big and they all feel clumped together. I have been so tired recently and that seems to be getting worse and my legs are also very itchy. My resting heart rate is 120 to 160bpm so way too high. I get short of breath so easily and I can bearly go up the stairs of my house. The lymph nodes all feel very bumpy like cauliflower or broccoli some are soft and some are rubbery. Can someone please help
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Hi, it's not likely to be lymphoma or any cancer. I imagine that you have an appointment scheduled with a doctor. You certainly should, but don't worry about cancer until then. They will initially suspect some infection.

Your situation is a little usual. So they might order an ultrasound to look at the nodes.
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