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CNS Leukemia?

Hello, and thank you in advance. 26 y/o male. I've had a headache and fatigue/cloudiness for around 2 weeks. It comes and goes, and occasionally feels as though it's on just the one side of my head, but also occasionally moves to other places.

Neurological exam was normal.
Head CT w/o contrast was normal.
CBC and other lab tests (CMP, LFT, UA) were completely normal.

I have read that CNS leukemia can present with this kind of headache. What are your thoughts?
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Dear jterwin,

Thanks for writing in.

Leukaemia of the central nervous system is extremely rare (in patients who do not have leukemia and presenting with headache only). I won't consider it as a possibility in your case.

Since all your exams and test results are normal, it is very unlikely that you have a serious disorder.

Given your symptoms, it is more likely that you could be suffering from a simple tension headache or sinusitis. These can be easily differentiated on examination.

Tension headache is usually relieved by tablet aspirin 325 mg as and when required ( upto 4 tablets daily) with food. Additionally, distressing with deep breathing and yoga also helps.

Sinusitis would be relieved on steam inhalation and some anti-histaminics like cetrizine. Please see a physician to find out the reason for headache so that appropriate therapy can be started.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Indranil Ghosh
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I should also add that I have had a persistant sore throat for around one month. I have also read that this can be a symptom of a "frequent infection" associated with leukemia.
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