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Could I have Luekemia?

I would love if a Doctor could answer this question:

Recently (over the past two months) these symptoms have came up:

- Feeling like hands are colder than rest of body (when I touch anywhere else it feels warmer)
- Tiredness (could be due to the fact I only get about 8 hours of sleep)
- Odd Bowel Habits
- Some lower abdominal pain
- Recent Ear Infection
- Had two instances of a wet cough, lost voice with both.

While I originally feared Colon Cancer (which is unheard of in Teens/High School Kids); I am not sure the issue now. The Doctors have given me a pro-biotic to help with the bowel habits.  

The cold hands (or So I feel) made me suspect Luekemia..

I really don't know what to think -- or do.

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I doubt that you have leukemia.  While tiredness and infections do occur in patients with leukemia, your symptoms are not likely caused by leukemia.  Leukemia is a cancer involving the blood and bone marrow.  The necessary test for ruling out leukemia is a simple blood test.  It is called a complete blood count (CBC) and it includes evaluation of the white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin/hematocrit, and platelets (which are all important components of your blood).  If there are no abnormalities evident on this test, you do not have leukemia.

Our hands are generally colder than the rest of our bodies.  The blood vessels in our hands and feet are closer to our skin surface (with less protective fat in these areas) and so the heat is released more easily.  Especially in cooler temperatures, our blood vessels in our extremities get smaller in order to direct more blood flow and heat into other parts of our bodies to conserve heat.

There may be other diseases that could be causing your symptoms of tiredness and abdominal pain, I would recommend to continue to follow up with your physician.

Good luck.
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