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In September 2006 my daughter was diagnosed with ALL. Her therapy went well and she went into remission two months later. Glad to say the Cancer hasn't poked its ugly face out again. My daughter was 4 years old at the time of diagnosis. Now she is right years old. She didn't need bone marrow transplant or anything like that. Well she is been off treatment for almost two years (March 2011) and been in remission for almost 4 years. I noticed my daughter bruises easily, but her CBC is always normal. Every time she gets a fever I get worried but her CBC never drops. I think its the stigma of what happened. She tends to get sick easily, but doctors tell me she a child and children get sick. They also tell me that if her temperature is 99.6 they do not consider it a fever until it hits 102.0. I tend to overreact with her health. In a perfect world she would never be sick. When diagnosed they told me she has an 85% chance of being a long term survivor. Does that mean she has an 85% of never relapsing?

My question is that when she got diagnosed it was because we took her to the hospital because she had fallen from her bunk bed and she had a pain on her side and after test after test they found out she had leukemia. Well my daughter has been complaining of pain in her thigh down to her knee.. Its not a big pain she says, but it hurts a little. Now that makes me scared because of how she got diagnosed. It started as a pain in her side. Should I be worried? I emailed her doctor and her doctor didn't seem that concerned. Her last CBC was in August and it came out fine. But her leg pain has me uneasy. She said they started making her run at school. The pain has been there for 3 days. I am scared of a relapse.  
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I apologize for my delayed response.  I hope that you have not had too many more sleepless nights.  I see only adult patients, but can answer best in this way:

It’s normal to feel the way you do.  Once a child has had leukemia, parents can't help but be concerned that any fever or illness could mean that their child has relapsed.  

Fortunately, it’s important to remember that most children do not relapse. At diagnosis, children with low or standard risk ALL have a 5-year survival rate of approximately 85%.  Once they are past 5 years from their diagnosis, the likelihood of relapse is very low.  Relapse still can occur, but is rare.

I doubt that this is a relapse.  However, I would still recommend to have another complete blood count done and if her leg continues to hurt, it would be reasonable to get imaging studies of the painful area.  

Hang in there.  
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