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Abdominal Pain and Terrified

First, let me say that I am a 39 y/o female. I had pancreatic cancer 13 years ago and was very lucky it was caught early and I have been fine since. I am now a runner and have noticed a bit of a pinching feeling near my ribs on the right side of my abdomen where they start to taper off during a few runs. Didn't pay much attention to it thought it was a stitch. On Sat. I noticed the pain was not going away. By the time I got to the doc on Tues I now also had a pain in the center of my abdomen below my sternum. I had also began to feel a tightness in my upper abdomen just under my breasts but no swelling. The pinching pain near my ribs has turned into a pinch and sometimes a burning feeling, but the tightness is better today. Also, I do have a bit of pain on the left side of my abdomen almost in the same place from time to time but not near as much or as bad. I should also mention that it usually feels better when I stand or lay down but sitting makes it come back. I feel some pain in my ribs on the right and they are tender to the touch but not all of them.

I have googled my symptoms and the things I see are fatty liver and liver cancer. I have really scared myself and I am now a nervous wreck. I have to wait at least through the weekend to see what the CT scan says. But any advice anyone could give would be appreciated. I don't have any other symptoms other than the pain and some tiredness (which may be my allergies, since it just started a few days ago), but that is it. I am so scared that I have liver cancer.
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This morning I have gotten up with pain on my entire right side under all my ribs and standing isn't relieving it. Its a constant ache with an occasional pinching/stabbing pain.

Anyone have anything like this? My mind is going crazy.
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Could be something as simple as a very small gallstone (not seen with ultrasound) or gallbladder inflammation issue. Not sure how your pancreatic cancer was treated way back, but any surgery to the bile duct plumbing maybe acting up as "cranky scar tissue". Could be other things. I'm sure something as serious as liver cancer would have given you other symptoms as well so I wouldn't worry about that. I had kidney cancer myself 14 years ago and I've grown more relaxed with each passing year that it's really, really gone. But I understand that it's only natural to let it enter your mind given your past run in with cancer. I'm sure things will make a lot more sense with the CT results soon and hope it works out well for you.
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Thanks for the reply, I hope to get the results tomorrow. I don't have a gallbladder anymore or that would be the first thing I would think to. I have now lost my appetite as well, and I'm guessing its from the stress. Just this morning I started crying in the car. I am so nervous.
Can anyone tell me exactly where liver pain would hurt. I hurt at the bottom of my ribs and just a smidge above that but it feels like its to the outside of them, and it is not underneath them.
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Try not to let the stress get to you. I know it's easier said than done but you'll soon know more tomorrow and you have a doctor active in identifying whatever's bothering you.

The liver doesn't typically feel pain. However, cholangitis type issues can flare things up a bit. It will hurt in exactly the location you describe ... kinda a dull pain or ache in the RUQ lower rib area that's not very focal. I know this first hand because I have it all the time due to my advanced PSC liver disease (have it right now in fact). I'm also dealing with liver cancer too but know that my rib pain issues are not being caused by this (different location). I by no means want you to think that you have what I have, just that what you are feeling can be liver related. Btw, do your liver blood work levels indicate anything unusual?

Be sure to get a copy of your CT scans and radiology reports. Always a good idea to have a complete set of records that you can easily show to another doctor if needed. Good luck tomorrow and let us know how things turn out

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My doctor didn't do any blood work. Just sent me for a ct scan. My mind is getting away from me and I am a nervous wreck. I can barely eat these last 2 days. I have always had a good apetite and all of a sudden its gone. Im trying to tell myself that's its nerves but its not working.

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Sandy Did you get your results yet? I had my ultrasound on friday and havent not heard back from the dr. I worry about pancretic cancer too. I've had pain on my     left side of my stomache, my side and left side of my back. Located all above the navel.
Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Also I feel a 2 inch lump on my lower back in the middle. I don't know if tht is normal.
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