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Blood Test Concerns? - Liver

I just got some blood test readings back, and I wanted to see if there was anything that should concern me about my liver health or if it is all in my head from "googling" too much.

I do drink daily, white wine generally, and I do not eat a "great diet" (definitely more carbs then protein), but I do try to drink enough water throughout the day and rarely drink without food in my stomach (as it is around dinner after work), and get a "green" with every meal." I am sometimes not great about the water, I will admit. I am also 100% gluten free by choice due to major stomach upset most of my life, and cutting it has done wonders.

My readings are as follows, and this was after about 14 hours of fasting:

Bilirubin Total: 0.5
Alkaline Phospatase, S: 55
LDH: 151
AST: 16
ALT: 9
GGT: 16
BUN: 7 (Is low bad?)
Creatinine, Serum: 0.84
BUN/Creatinine Ration: 8
Glucose: 94
Sodium: 139
Potassium: 4.4
Iron, Serum: 170 (High with max being 159 in the report).
Albumin: 4.9
Globulin, Total: 1.5
A/G Ratio: 3.3 (Has always been high, since I was a kid)
Total Cholesterol: 203 (High was 199) but all other Cholesterol very normal levels, so I thought this odd.

I was particularly fixated on this AST/ATL ratio thing as mine would calculate to 1.78, but given the super low reading does this even matter? My old 2015 reading were 12 AST and 10 ALT and my doctor never mentioned anything and that would be 1.2.

I really do feel fine for the most part, apart from mild stomach upset and tiredness sometimes, which one would expect after 12 hour workdays, but nothing major.

I simply want to stop worrying so any info is helpful!
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Hi I think your blood work looks pretty good, especially the AST and ALT, they are kind of the first signs of any problem.
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