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Can anyone read my reports and tell me am I okay or not?

I'm having so much anxiety about my health
Here's my liver report please someone read and lemme know what disease I have?

S.Bilirubin Total ....... 1.3mg/dl..... Normal 0.2 - 1.0 mg/dl
S.bilirubin direct....... 0.5mg/dl ..... Normal 0.0 - 0.3 mg/dl
S.bilirubin indirect.... 0.8..... normal 0.2-0.7

S.G.PT .... 49.1U/L ..... Normal 9.4-43.4 U/L
S.Alkaline phosphate ...... 240.7U/L .... Normal 80-306.0 U/L
g-GT....... 25.1U/L  ...... Normal  10.5-49.0 U/L

Please reply me ASAP
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If you are a drinker, I would say stop the alcohol before you do some real damage, Your GGT is liver specific and it is ok, i would repeat these after being completely sober for about 2 months.
Thank you for your reply, I have never drink in my life. Can you please tell me what disease I actually have?
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I don't know why you think you have a disease. What did your doctor say? labs bounce around,just retake, if you need to lose weight or taking any meds, this could be the cause for some higher numbers
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Why do you think you have liver disease?

Even if you did have liver disease no one here would be able to know that just from your lab reports which by some of which are just barley elevated..  Your GGT looks for liver inflammation, its liver specific and it's normal.

Labs can be elevated for all kinds of reasons, they tend to bounce around. Have them re checked after some time has passed to see if they return to normal..

If you are looking to keep your liver healthy and happy stick to a healthy life style..
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