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Cirrhosis or Fibrosis?

My son underwent biliary exploration at age 2 months and 2 weeks.  They found out that he had choledochal cyst and proceeded with hepatoportojejunostomy immediatley thereafter.  Also, he had an undeveloped gallbladder.  My son is now turning 8 months old.


The following is what's indicated in the pathologic report regarding the liver specimen that was taken from my son:

Microscopic Description:  Liver consists of a wedge-shaped green soft to firm tissue measuring 1 x 0.9 x 1.2 cm.  Section shows a green trabeculated cut surface.

Microsections of Liver:  Disclose liver tissue  exhibiting evident bile proliferation & marked portal fibrosis.  Lobular disarray & cholestasis with mild infiltrates of neutrophils and lymphocytes are also present.

Pathologic Diagnosis:  Liver consistent with Biliary Atresia (Biliary Cirrhosis)


The latter part was the most confusing for me.  Based on the pathologic report (microsection), the description seems to be a case of Biliary Fibrosis, and yet the diagnosis states that my son has Biliary Cirrhosis.  Based on a website that I came across with while researching for cirrhosis and fibrosis, it is said that "biliary fibrosis is characterized by portal fibrosis with marked ductular proliferation (which happens to be what's described on the microsection part of the report) extending to porto-portal septa and transformation of the liver parenchyma into sharp "garland" shaped nodules. It should not be confused with cirrhosis since this type of biliary fibrosis that is due to a chronic biliary obstruction may be reversible."  

Also, the description on the latter is very vague since it's just said that the liver is consistent with that of someone with biliary atresia.

Can some of you please help me interpret the report, and give light to the situation?  Thank you.
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