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Concerned about rising ALP and ALT enzymes in blood test.

My liver enzymes are high for the first time ever.  I am a 49 year old female.  I am overweight but losing weight at the rate of about 1 pound a week.  All of my blood work is within normal range except for my ALP and ALT.  My ALP is 124 and my ALT is 45.  My ALT has doubled in the last 6 months and my ALP has risen 20 points.  I was taking Terbinafine and my dosage was one pill a day for 7 days each quarter.  So a week in Nov, Feb, Mar, and finished in Aug 2017.  Then my blood work was in Oct 2017.  I can't seem to get anyone to tell me what I need to do - if anything.  I know worry is unproductive - but that is all I can do right now.  
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