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Could my abdominal pain be the endometriosis or the liver mass.

I have pain upon waking in the morning, most mornings.  It sort of feels like I have been kicked in the abdomen all night. I am having a full hysterectomy on the 23rd of this month for endometriosis and possible andromiosis.  I went to the ER with abdominal pain, and they also found a 9cm mass in my liver.  I go in on the 10th for a second CT with contrast.  Somehoe this is supposed to determine cancer.  All my blood tests show normal liver function.  Could my abdominal pain be the endometriosis or the liver mass.  I hate waiting for answers.
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Hi there, I am so sorry to hear of your pain.  It is excruciating waiting for answers.  I would think that the pain you are feeling is the endometrosis.
The liver can't feel pain though the sack around it can if the liver is enlarged.  Is your liver enlarged?  I stil think it is the former.  I have known people with masses on their liver, they never felt a thing
Good luck to you, hang in there, Dee
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