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Cyst in the LIVER

1. CT Scan -  Feb 2011 showed Simple Hepatic Cyst in the Liver, size 6.3X 3 cm
2. CT Scan -  Dec 2014 Showed A Well defined non enhancing hypodense cystic lesion in segment IV A and IV B of liver, size 4.1X 7.6X6.1cm
3. MRI -  Dec 2014 showed A Multilocular thick-walled cystic lesion is seen with faintly enhancing septae, without enhancing papillary nodules, intracystic hemorrhage or debris. Likely  to represent a complex cyst.The imaging differentials including a biliary cystadenoma or complicated simple hepatic cyst with the former diagnosis seeming more likely. Size 8.6X4.9X5.4 cm
4. USG Guided aspiration of Cyst - Feb 2015 -100 CC of straw colour fluid was aspirated and was sent for Histopathology - content was found to be benign cyst.
5 MRI - March 2016 - T2 hypointense cyst with few thin incomplete septations. Most likely to represent biliary cyst adenoma.  Size 4.1X6.6X4 cm.
6. MRI - Feb 2017 - Multicystic lesion in the medial segments of left lobe of liver have remained stable. Size 6.6(W)X3.6(AP)X4.4 cm.

Please advise the course of action.
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