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Discomfort under right rib after drinking

I have been a regular social drinker for about 20 years. I am 38 years old. I usually drink two to three days per week 5-10 beers per day. Are usually never drink in the month of January, and always takeoff three days per week minimum. For the past 10 years I randomly get an Uncomfortable feeling of fullness under my right rib cage. It usually happens after drinking heavily. Five years ago I got an ultrasound and blood work done. The ultrasound showed nothing significant. The bloodwork showed that my liver enzymes were very slightly elevated, but it was after a day of drinking so the doctor said that was normal. I recently had this feeling again and it was more prominent than normal. I stopped drinking and I got bloodwork, which turned out normal. I am waiting on the results of an ultrasound.  Does anyone else have this sensation, I am very worried.
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