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Doctor says no way I have a liver issue BUT

Admit I am a health anxiety person. I am 29 had a bad bout of covid I spent in the hospital back in January got me health conscious more.

I have had AST and ALT check each year since I was 25 so the last five years and they have always been normal, along with my albumin and bilirubin the couple times too.

In the hospital they checked LFT's multiple times (about 5 times) and told me they were normal before giving me remdesivir as well. I also had a chest CT which picked up most of my liver, they noted nothing wrong with liver, and had a follow up March CT chest which got most of my liver, nothing noted wrong with it. While sick with COVID I did have high ferritin and prolonged PT/INR of 1.2 but they attributed that to having COVID since those are classic signs. In my first CT they noted a "borderline" enlarged spleen, but did not note that in the second, again my primary care attributed that to my high covid fever etc.

When I spoke with my doctor about symptoms like my palms look red sometimes when I walk or exercise but that comes and goes (l think it is palmar erythema), some mild hair loss (attributes to my anxiety and depression), and I thought it looked like my legs were swelling she checked for edema and noted none. She took me through my CT and LFT tests over the years and said there is no way I have cirrhosis. I told her while not a daily drinker I have gone overboard, she noted that doesn't change all the test results being normal.

What are the odds I have a liver issue with all those normal tests and her being so certain I do not? Does palmar erythema come and go over the course of minutes based on what I am doing?

I also should add I went to the ER concerned after a bout of constipation and the doctor there assured me as well that I do not have cirrhosis or a liver issue.
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