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Does a Liver Hemangioma disrupt liver functions

Hello, I sincerely appreciate everybody sharing their Liver Hemangioma stories. I too have 3 in the right lobe of the  Liver. I am 47 years old, female. The largest is 15cm x 14cm. I am in Australia. I am having a lot of pain in the liver region, under rib cage, mid back, constant dizziness, headaches, pain in right shoulder and so much more.

I am really scared to have it operated on. My first liver surgeon has refused to operate as he says it is extremely dangerous. I see another surgeon in 2 days to have another opinion.

Has anyone had surgery that could please answer my questions below.

*How are you feeling now?

*Have you had any complications since the surgery?

*Did the removal of such a large section of your Liver impede on the usual Liver functions as that section was no longer there? As I believe the Liver controls over 500 functions.

*If a section is removed, does that mean it can no longer function at full capacity?

*Does a Liver Hemangeoma (if left alone) disrupt liver functions, interfere with its daily production of hormone control and all the other things it controls etc etc??

I really appreciate your time to read my message.
Thank you in advance

Warm Regards
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. But as the hemangioma is large it can cause pressure effects on the adjacent organs or tissue and so can disrupt liver functions. And also after surgery the liver regenerates, so you do not have to worry about the removal of a segment of the liver.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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