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Does jaundice mean you HAVE to have yellow eyes or skin?

I was wondering if a person could be diagnosed with jaundice even though they do not have the classical symptoms of yellowing skin, eyes, tongue or urine?  In other words, is it possible to have it and don't know it?

Is it possible to have 3rd phase liver damage and not know that either?  I had been a chronic user of excessive tylenol for over two months without any real symptoms at all...I find that to be very strange.
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Jaundice is by definition a yellowing of the skin and conjunctive membrane over the sclerae so no, you cannot be jaundiced without the yellow discoloration.  

Liver disease is not generally described in "phases" but it is possible to have significant liver damage and not know it. Excessive use of Tylenol can damage the liver rather quickly but without blood tests you might not be aware of it. I would guess that if you continue to abuse Tylenol you will notice it in time. I would suggest that you stop the excessive dosing of Tylenol and maybe get some blood tests or maybe just hope that any damage you may have caused will heal. Taking too much Tylenol is extremely  dangerous and you really should stop immediately.

End stage liver disease is not only a horrible way to die - it's very expensive too.....and a real drag for anyone who cares about you to watch.

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As far as I know yes.

I think he means 3rd stage fibrosis, and  if so, the answer is yes.

You can have cirrhosis, which is stage 4 liver fibrosis,  and not know it.

Quit the booze, quit the meds, eat healthy go see a doctor  and get tested.
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Sorry, I misspoke - (misswrote?) - anyway, I lacked precision.

I meant you can have liver disease without knowing, not that you can be jaundiced without turning yellow.

You can have liver disease and not become jaundiced, though.

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Really? you don't have to be jaundiced to have liver disease?  But I thought that was the one true tell-tale sign... or maybe that was liver failure...(not the same thing!)

I'm not yellow, and so I thought for sure I haven't done any damage to my liver. I read online that jaundice shows up in stage 3 or 4, so I'm okay knowing that at least if I was in stage 3 or 4 I would know it.

Thanks for your answers.
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Although jaundice shows up with cirrhosis, it might show up with hepatitis while you still do not have cirrhosis.
You might have cirrhosis and feel all right, for all I know I might have liver cancer, and I do feel all right, and not be jaundiced.

Do not assume, because you are not jaundiced, that you are all right.

Go see a doctor if in doubt, specially if you have any other symptom of liver disease or if you are  at risk for liver disease.

Best wishes and good luck!
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