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Elevated ALT/AST and dull pain under left rib

For the last year I have a nagging dull ache on or just below my lower left rib cage. It appears when I am tired like at the end of the day or after a three hour drive. I found out recently that my ALT/AST was elevated and was referred to a GE who put me through two tests. But both the ultrasound and endoscopic exams were negative and the doc is considering a CAT scan.
Otherwise I am rude health for a 60 year old, drink sparingly, exercise (martial arts) rigorously and have no change in weight for the last five years.
What are the possible causes and should I be concerned?
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Your reply was very reassuring and helpful. Thank you.
My GE doc wrote me today after his review of the blood test that he ruled the mildly elevated amylase (141 vs normal 95) and slightly elevated Indirect bilirubin was not caused by the liver  as other liver function tests were normal. Nor did I show exposure to hepatitis B or C viruses. Since lipase was a normal 25, the pancreas system too may not be the cause of the pain.
He postulates that it could be bladder, lymph node salivary gland.
Should I get another opinion? What should I be testing for?
The dull ache is still there.
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I suppose it *could* be phantom pain from your liver/spleen, but alas, those are on the right - so unless your one of thos exceptionally rare folks with a "reverse layout" of internal organs - I would dig deeper.  MRI's with contrast (if you can handle the dye) and PET scans are quite good at revealing a lot of detail.  As for the elevated AST/ALT, how high are they?  Im beginning to think that there is a growing number of people getting "fatty liver" in middle age due to all the crappy environmental and dietary factors modern man is faced with - just my opinion...

At any rate, the scan should reveal more, and the liver panel results will be telling as well.

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