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Elevated AST/ALT, mildly high cholesterol, and hair fall

Hi, I have severe hair loss which started around three months back. When I did a blood check, it was found that my total cholesterol level is 247, and my ALT and AST levels are slightly high. I have never been sick recently other than for a mild fever three months back. I have been trying to exercise after I got the blood results, and I found out that however I try I am not able to jog, I feel dizzy and short of breath immediately. I can walk real fast though, that too for a very long time. Every attempt to do rigorous exercise, things other than walking, met with unbearable exhaustion and headache. My next blood check is fixed for January, six months after the first one. Could there be any problem with me? I am not anemic, and I don't have any other nutrition-deficiency symptoms. The only problem area was the cholesterol and ALT/AST.
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What other initial diagnostic tests were done? Hair loss  that occurs suddenly may be attributed  to illness, diet, medicine, or childbirth. If hair loss is gradual hereditary hair loss may be considered. Mild elevation of liver enzymes and cholesterol may be managed with diet modification and repeat tests after a couple of months. If they are still elevated, medical management may be done. It is best that you discuss the results with your doctor also for proper management.  Headache associated with exertion may need to be evaluated further and imaging studies such as CT scan of the brain may be indicated. Take care and do keep us posted.
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