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Elevated bilirubin

Hello :) I've had a blood test done this mornining and all is fine except for the bilirubin. It is slightly elevated, now i've read that it cancaused by a strenous phycial activity. In the past two days i've travled about 60 kilometers on my new bike which in my opinion is not that much - not strenous. My doctor said that it is probably nothing serious considering that other values came back good.Anyways that it, any input would be much appreciated, thanks in advance :)
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I had the same problem, my billrubin level was at 28 but is supposed to be 25 or lower but the doctor did say it wasn't a problem and it is nothing to worry about as all other results were normal the same as you.  He said it could be tested 2 weeks later and it will be completely normal.  Apparently best thing for it is to get out into the sunshine and soak up some rays or so I have been told, I am due to be tested again in 2 weeks time so will certainly try to get as much sunshine as I can although its very rare in the winter, hope you find this helpful.  
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