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Elevated liver enzymes 4 months after gallbladder removal

I had some blood tests done today and was a little concerned over the results and was hoping someone could shed some light on them. I had my gallbladder removed the end of December. I have had blood tests done a few times since then. My estimated GFR was 104 in Dec, 97 in March and 84 today. My Bili total has gone from .3 in Dec to 1.0 today. My Alk Phos? is 119 today. The ones that worry me the most are my ALT, which was 27 in Dec, 61 in March and 125 today. And my AST which was 14 in Dec, 25 in March and 148 today! What does this all mean?!
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What are the symptoms present? I understand your concern regarding this and increased liver enzymes may be attributed to a variety of issues such as inflammation, infection, as well as certain medicines.  A repeat test may indeed be done to confirm the result and depending on the result, additional diagnostic tests may be done.  It is best that you discuss the result with your attending physician for proper evaluation and to monitor the GFR result also. Your medical history, symptoms and results of other tests are important considerations also.Take care and do keep us posted
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