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Elevated liver enzymes and elevated lypmphocites

It is been almost a month that my husband has been struggling with elevated liver enzymes and elevated lymphocytes. The AST level is above 300, AST is around 200. Lymphocytes 22%. Neutrophils normal. Bilirubin normal, TG normal. He was admitted couple of times for severe headache and the elevated liver enzymes. He had spinal tap so meningitis was ruled out. Hepatitis was tested and all was negative. He was partially positive for Lyme but when retested he showed negative. CT on abdomen, MCRP on abdomen normal. MRI on head normal. Slightly elevated for CMV virus. He already had mono as a kid so they say no way he can have it again. He was on Doxycycline in hospital IV for a week, then followed up with oral doxy when he was at home for another week. While in hospital and on IV antibiotics the ALT and AST came down little bit ALT came to 200 and AST came to 150. But one week after he was discharged, he went for blood work to check the enzymes and they went again above 300. He doesn't have a headache anymore and we thought he was getting better, because he feels better yet the enzymes are high up again. Doctors are struggling with diagnosis. Any suggestions. He is seeing hepatologist in 2 days.
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Did you ever figure out what was causing the liver enzymes to be raised and keep raising ? I have elevated was 31 ast and atl was normal at the begging of my pregnancy then all sudden after pregnancy it was double so like 41 and 58 and he did ultrasound and was normal and no inflammation on blood tests ,! I didn’t drink as was preg and havnt in 11 months now ! I did take some Bauer medicine for tooth ache infection had in tooth like 5 pills few days before the test maybe week before and he thinks maybe hope it is only that is why it was raised as I havnt taken any drinking in and ate protein bars daily my doctor thinks the fake sugar is why is causing raises like Splenda and protein quest bars also ! I’m upset as like them I don’t eat any fast food other than veggie and cheese samdwichws and I don’t hardly eat candy only a mint here and there I havnt had any fries in 8 years and I was upset the doctor acted like I eat fries and bad when I clearly am not obese and not even after pregnancy I lost almost all the preg weight second baby
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