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F3 fibrosis fibroscan result

I just had a fibroscan session last weekend and as i got my result today it rusn out that i have a F3 fibrosis, my ALT/SGPT is 195 which was only 120 last year.. i feel fatigue eveyr afternoon.. can you help me out what to do or am i expected to do next? will consult my doctor this friday. is my condition curable?  what dietary intake should i follow through?
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Speak to your primary doctor and have them refer you to a specialist. A gastroenterologist. The specialize is diseases of the digestive track including the liver. Now that you know you have liver disease. The cause of your disease must be found, so you can eliminate whatever is the cause of your liver disease.

Most liver disease is curable. What treatment you will need depends on the cause of your liver disease.

There is nothing for you to do now. You need to see a proper doctor to diagnose the cause of your liver disease first. What you will need to do in the future all depends on the cause of your disease.

Be patient. Liver disease is a slow moving disease. It probably has taken decades for your liver to become this damaged. Nothing in change in a period of weeks or months.

What you need to do is follow through now and not let your disease get worse then it is.

Good luck.
Let us know what happens with the gastroenterologist.

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Thank you so much for your advise, i am please to hear that there is still hope.. i went o my gastroenterelogist and i was advise to take E-NAt Myra E tablet, this is a vitmain E... it's not that i doubt my doctor i have full confidnce in him what i just would like to know is that will this vitamin offers a cure?  i was advised by him to less on in take, though i now i reallt do and i do exercie everyday for a hour.. i am now on my 3rd week. aside from regulatign my intake are there certain foods that should have to avoid?

thank you so much for taking tiem to reply on my query... such information help me alot to understand more my condition.. wish to hear from you!

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