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Fatty Alcoholic Liver

I am a male, aged 31 and I’ve been diagnosed with an alcoholic fatty liver (17.6 cms) and recently, I have scored 7.9 kpa stiffness as a result of fibro scan..To give an idea about my background, I used to have 3 drinking sittings in a week and used to consume 12 oz of Vodka with regular coke with highprotein diet such as roasted chicken, red meat etc..now the Doctor has advised me to stop drinking completely and gave me few medicines as well such as “Rabkind CP”, “Espumisan”, “Lubrax” and “Evion”…Apart from the Liver condition, I have also been diagnosed low on Vitamin D so for this, doctor has prescribed me to consume “Caclitas D3” once a week..

And since my illness, am having pains/aches in several parts of my body and this pain tends to travel, so does this seems to be a gastric pain? Also, how shall I make my Liver back to its normal state? And what all should I eat?
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