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Fatty Liver

I recently got a complete abdomen ultrasound done - this is the diagnosis.

Hepatic steatosis. The small hypoechoic focal area anterior to the portal bifurcation is unchanged compared to the prior study and is most consistent with focal fatty sparing given its atypical location.

I am a 40 year old female with a BMI of 24.3 I am a non-consumer of alcohol - never had it. Can someone please explain this diagnosis and what could cause me to have a fatty liver. I have a long wait till I get to see a liver specialist so am trying to research as much as possible in the meantime. Thanks.
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Hi it could be something you have inherited from your family.  One thing you could do is to try to change your diet to a liver healthy diet which is similar to the heart healthy diet.  Do you eat processed foods?
Every thing you eat or drink has to be processed by the liver.
A lot of times this will be called Non alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
another is NASH.
Keep searching for Hepatic steaosis to help you.
I understand this is hard.  It doesn't mean you have done anything to cause this.  Just like in my family high cholesterol is common.  
Take Care, Dee
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Hi here is a link for more information here on MH, I hope it helps

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