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GERD and Fatty liver

hello..i have had acid reflux since 3 months back and after showing it to a doctor i was given 20 mgs of omeprazole twice a day for a month. i was also controlling my diet by eating just bolied food without oil,spices and drinking lot of liquid and fruits.i havent seen much improvement in my problem though.i still face chest pain and burps especially in morning .endoscopy showed no trace of any infection and ultrasound showed symptoms of fatty liver.currently i have finished my 1 month omeprazole dose by yesterday but at same time i m feeling little uneasiness and swelling type in right abdomen area just below my ribs there.is it fatty liver due to omeprazole?...what shld be done in such a case.
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Omeprazole is metabolized in the liver, so yes, it can cause liver issues. But whether or not this is the case should be taken up with your doctor. Keep in mind that fatty liver can be caused by a number of other things as well. But getting your doctor involved should be your next step. Take care.
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