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Giant Liver Hemangiomas 12+cm Surgery or Not?

I was diagnoised (FINALLY!!!) with a giant liver hemangioma after 5yrs of going to the doctor. My GI doctor said to just continue monitoring it and it continued to grow just in the first 6 months from size of baseball to size of a melon. He said it was more dangerous to remove it, and to just leave it in. I looked at him kind of puzzled and asked, "Am I then just to live with these symptoms?" So he then said well maybe we should send you to a specialist who said the exact opposite. That it needs to be surgerically removed as obviously its growing and the longer I wait the more complicated the surgery will be. I could go into heart failure, and if I just let it go I might eventually need a liver transplant. Surgery- Chevron Incision 24"-30" straight down entire stomach and then all the way off to my right hip. Very invasive (and scary). Was told USC could do it less invasively.
Trying to find info from people who've had this surgery and what it was like and if it really did help?
Also interested in comparing others symptoms.
But I am confused, still being told different things.....that I should have the surgery, and that I should not, that its more dangerous. So when should someone have surgery for these giant hemangiomas???

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I also found out I have a giant hemangioma on my liver and we have been monitoring it for almost 2 years.  It has grown a lot over the last 6 months and they want to do something about it.  It was first talked about doing what is called a radiofrequency ablation to remove it.  It would be to difficult because of it size and I would have to have 3-4 seperate procedures to do this, so now we have moved onto surgery to remove it.  Mine is measuring almost 10cm.  They are going to try and remove it laproscopically or if during surgery they need to completely open up they will.  I was told it would be a week in the hospital with 4 weeks off from work.  It is very scary and I am uncertain of what to expect.  What did you end up doing in the end.  Have you had surgery?  Is there anyone else out there that has had removal of a liver hemangioma?
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I was diagnosed with a 9 cm hemangioma while pregnant. I went for another ultrasound 6 weeks after birth, and it is now 13 cm. They want me to do an MRI with contrast (I had one without contrast while pregnant), but then I cannot nurse my 8 week old for 48 hours. He is sending me to a liver doctor to discuss this all with, but he seemed to think that if it is still growing, we need to do something.
It is also causing pain on my right side, right under the ribcage.
I feel way to overwhelmed to even deal with this right now. Will post again after I meet with the hepatic specialist, and let you know what he says.
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Hi is a 4cm liver hemangioma dangerous
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Hi . Regards to all ! My father has recently diagnosised with 2 hemangiomas of liver measuring 4*4.2 and 1*1.5cm and asymptomatic in india and his doctor said u dont need treatment and can go home and we came to afghanistan ! Although we trust on his doctor but we are too worried and dont know what to do ? Now we dont have any trustable and exprienced doctors in afghanistan and we dont know if we have to go to india again !? And liver hemangioma is new thing 4 us ! Is it life threating  please reply me at . . RAHMAT.***@**** . .Tnx . . . Ahmadiar ghaznawi
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HI my name is Marjorie and i have a hemangioma size 8cm by 4cm in octuber they found this hemangioma but this year around march i went back to the imr and thay said is bigger but i have be so much paid for the past three months so i deside to do surgery an i'm to have surgery this friday 7 2010 please pray for me i'm so scarry..but i can put up with this pain my doctor is from yale new haven hospital and his name is Rom Salem with 28 years or experien...i hope everything come out ok...i would let you guys know how was the surgery on monday of next week
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Hi dear mayito 79 plz tell in which country are you and plz say us about your result and how surgery do u do . . .thanks
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I just got home from another Dr. appt. I just had a HIDA scan done of my gallbladder which showed it was functioning normal. But he said the pain I experienced during the second part, I forget what the second injection was toward the end?! Anyway I had severe pain, cold sweats and nasea with that. Which he said was not normal.

I was hoping the problems Ive been having were actually from my gallbladder and not my liver hemangioma. As the surgery is so much easier for a gallbladder.

Anyway, no I have not had any surgerys yet. I still feel awful and no definite answers.
I go in tomorrow for another MRI of my liver and a mass they found. Also more blood work for liver function as last time my levels were high.

So anyone who HAS had the surgery please let me know how it went and if you felt better for having the surgery. If it really made a difference in how you felt, etc.

have you found anyone who has had a hemangioma removed successfully yet? Mine is the size of a softball in my sacrum and HURTS!!!
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I have had a giant liver hemangioma removed going on 3 years ago. It was done at University of Chicago hospital. I know that it was measuring in the 20 - 27cm's. After surgery I was told that it was 9 pounds (yes I looked pregnant). It was a painful recovery but so worth it!
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Riat my hemangioma is size 8 by 4  but i have burning pain  on and off , how was your pain and how long was the surgery my doctor tell me that i have to stay home for a month and take a easy for another month.....qapo a live in United States New Haven  Ct
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Hi . Plz if be possible kindly explain (non-enhancing)liver hemangioma
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Also plz tell me about focal non enhancing liver hemangioma . tnx
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