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Gynecomastia and bier spots

Im 30 years old, 5ft 7in, 160 pounds, male. Im skinny but i have a lot of fat in the abdomen, mainly because i have a sedentary lifestyle (working with computers and almost no exercise at all).

In the last year i have become even more sedentary because i work from my house so i like to work in bed with my laptop.

During the last month (september) i noticed several white spots in my hands, elbows, knees and feet. First i thought it was vitiligo but after some internet research im almost sure they are Bier Spots, because during the first minutes of the morning i dont have them, when i rubb them they dissapear, and when i raise my limbs they become almost unnoticeable. My wife (from 6 years) said i always had this spots in the knees and hands since she know me, but they were few and almost unnoticeable and she never told me i have them because she didnt think it was a big deal.

Then, a week after i noticed this now obvious spots, i also noticed that my chest was bigger, specially the left one. That same day i began to have low pain on the left chest. This pain lasted 2 weeks. Now, when i see myself in the mirror i notice my chest being very prominent. At first i though this was fat (because my body tends to store fat in the abdomen, i though now it was moving to the chest) but after internet research im almost sure that this is gynecomastia (because it was of rapid grow, with pain). Usually, gynecomastia is caused by high estrogen levels on the blood.

So, i joined both symptoms (Bier spots and gynecomastia) and all i could find was a liver issue, because bier spots are commonly caused by liver diseases and gynecomastia is caused by high estrogen (caused by liver disease).

Now, when estrogen rises, usually a decrease in the libido is observed, which is not my case because i have sex almost daily, with no erectile disfunctions whatsoever. Also, with liver diseases comes yellow skin, dark urine, etc etc, and i dont have those symptoms at all.

I dont drink alcohol more than a cup a week, socially, I used to smoke.

Is there a change that the bier spots and the gynecomastia are being caused by other factors that dont have anything to do with the liver? Im very worried and i will go to the doctor soon (finantial problems and i dont have insurance), but in the meantime i want to know what do you think.

Thank you, and excuse my english, its not my native language.
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Hi, mild asymmetry of the body structures is a normal occurrence.  If the increase in the size of your breast is a recent occurrence, then it needs to be evaluated.  It could be due to an injury, an inflammation or a growth. But you do not seem to have pain so inflammation can be ruled out.  If you do not have symptoms of liver disease like jaundice, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever, its unlikely that the asymmetry is due to a liver disorder.  Please consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Regards.
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