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Hepatitis and Chronic pancreatitis

I am 24 and a few months ago I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, they assumed it was my gallbladder causing my pain since it was only functioning at 7% so I got it removed. I'm still having severe abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and my belly swells up to where I look like I'm pregnant. My alt was 74 and ast 81 so my liver biopsy suggests I have hepatitis, however it's not a,b,or c. (Need further tests to see which one I have) I also tested positive for antinuclear antibodies. I know what they all mean individually but what do they all mean as a whole?
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If your gallbladder is not functioning properly, it can definitely affect your liver. If the bile flow is impeded and backs up into your liver, your liver enzymes will rise. This will usually show up in the biopsy, but very mild bile flow obstructions will tend to look like "chronic hepatitis". And certainly positive auto-antibodies can be involved as well. If your are not currently seeing a hepatologist, you should check the closest major liver centers, to see if you can get a consultation.
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