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Heterogeneous liver


I have had an ultrasound and a ct scan which both tell me that I have possible biliar cysts on my liver, the ct scan report actually says that they are hypodense nodules in relation to biliar cysts with a simple content.  The liver is heterogeneous whereas it was homogeneous six months ago.  Is it the cysts that are giving it the heterogeneous appearance? or is it something else?  The doctors say that there is nothing wrong, but I cannot rest until I know exactly what it is.  Please help!
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Hello Hazellynn!

Did you ever get to the bottom of your "heterogenous liver" ? I have the same thing but the doctors dont seem concerned
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Hi Jonkob,

Not been on here for ages, so sorry for a late reply.  Hope you are doing well.
I didnt officially get to the reason why my liver was heterogeneous, but my suspicions which I think have proved true, were because I had been on a medication for breast cancer which had and has messed up a lot of my physical health.  I came off the medication and a few months later I had an ultrasound which showed it to be homogenous again, so I believe that was the root cause of that problem.  I spoke to lots of radiologists and doctors regarding the cysts and they said that they are nothing to worry about.  If you are on any meds, try looking up the side effects regarding liver, as it could be them that is causing it.  Stay well.
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I am glad you are doing well! your heterogenous was probably just fat.
Please keep us updated

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