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Heterogenous hypoechoic solid mass

I am 44 yrs old and have had multiple cysts on my liver for a few years.  I recently had an US and am not sure what a 'heterogenous hypoechoic solid mass ' means.  It is located on my left lobe (I also have a cyst on the left ovary according the the US, which was not there earlier this month when I had my (partial) hysterectomy.  I've had itching on the heels of my feet (only at night and nothing helps) for a little over a year and had asked my doctor months ago if it was related to the cysts on my liver.  My stools have also been clay colored and my belly seems bloated (and has for about a year).  I have an mr and a followup scheduled with a specialist, but would like to prepare myself for the possibilites.  Would you please shed some light on this so I can research and have questions ready at my appointment?  Thank you in advance.  
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Unfortunately the data is vague in helping determine what's up, but your doctor's on top of it with the followup MRI being scheduled. But keep this in mind, unless you have cirrhosis or advance liver disease, the vast majority of incidentally found liver lesions are benign. It's very good that your doctor is following up and let's hope things are benign in nature. Btw, your symptoms are of note of course but not very specific, they can be caused by many different things.
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