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Hi liver enzymes normal Fibroscan

I've been diagnosed with a fatty liver since 2008 I'm 33 years old, I weigh 210 and am 6"0 tall, however I had a Fibroscan scan done at The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas. They said I scored a 5.5 kPa. They said that was a good number and that I have no scarring or fibrosis. On the same day I went to Baylor medical center in Plano Texas and had blood work done.  My AST was 95, My ALT was 212, and my GGT was 335.  They said they have no clue what could be causing that.  My last drink of alcohol was over a week prior to all of these tests.  What do I make of this information? They are referring me to a gastroenterologist who have seen before and they said get a biopsy.
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