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Hi mom21

Hi i noticed you answed alot of question on here so i will adress this one to you.

The last 2 months ive have been in bad shape, really bad pain on right side of body but sometimes it feels all over my abs
Im situated in the UK and ive had 2 tests (LFT) my ALT was 48 in the first test. had 2nd test 4 days after and now its gone up to 71??

The symtpoms ive had is rapid weigth loss,stomach pain, retal bleeding and muscus, feeling sick and white /yellow tongue.

what do you think??
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Has your doc run a test for viral hep?  That is usually the next step.  Have you had any other procedures or imaging done?  If not you may want to talk to your doc about that.  Believe it or not an ALT of 71 is above normal but not alarmingly high.  What is your AST?  How are your other liver enzymes?  With the rectal bleeding your doc may want to do a stool test or colonoscopy.  Just make sure you tell your doc everything you are concerned about.
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what is a Viral Hep test?

I did have a hep b test 9 weeks after posible exposure and a hep c 10 weeks after poss exposure both was negative..

The doctor did put me on prednisone (steroids) for 10 days 40 mg per day. i stopped these 5 days before the last blood test. could these give me higher elvated results??

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forgot to ad, i had a full abodonmial ultrasound done, they said everything was normal, does that check for hep etc and the liver??
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"Common UC Symptoms

This information is intended for U.S. residents only.

The most common initial symptoms of ulcerative colitis (UC) are bloody diarrhea, diarrhea with mucus, and rectal bleeding. These symptoms may appear alone or may be accompanied by others, which can be associated with more severe disease. Those symptoms include nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, and fever.

Ulcerative colitis symptoms tend to present themselves on a sporadic basis, with long periods of remission between symptoms. These periods can last for months or years, and patients may not experience any UC symptoms at all.

If you experience any of the following symptoms of UC, speak to your healthcare provider:

    * Diarrhea or rectal urgency–some people may have diarrhea 10 to 20 times per day. The urge to go to the bathroom may wake the sufferer up at night
    * Rectal bleeding–ulcerative colitis usually causes bloody diarrhea and mucus in the stool. There may also be rectal pain and an urgent need to empty the bowels
    * Abdominal pain–this symptom may often be described as cramping; the abdomen may be sore when touched
    * Constipation–this symptom may develop depending on what part of the colon is affected. Constipation is much less common than diarrhea
    * Loss of appetite
    * Fever–in severe cases, fever or other symptoms that affect the entire body may develop
    * Weight loss–ongoing (chronic) symptoms, such as diarrhea, can lead to weight loss
    * Too few red blood cells (anemia)–some people develop anemia because of low iron levels caused by bloody stools or intestinal inflammation
    * Other symptoms may also develop, as well as complications outside the digestive tract, such as joint pain, eye problems, skin rash, or liver disease. However, some of these problems are generally more common in Crohn's disease, the other major inflammatory bowel disease

Other conditions with symptoms similar to ulcerative colitis include Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and colon cancer."

See: http://www.salix.com/products/colazal/uc-symptoms.aspx

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Thanks Mike.  I was thinking along the lines of possibly checking for IBS.  Very informative had no idea colitius has so many symptoms.
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