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High ALT and GGT

Hi there,

Today I collected my results and I have high ALT and GGT respective the values are 97 ALT and 80 GGT. The doctor there told me to stop alcohol, however I'm 29 years old and stopping the alcohol completely is going to be very difficult for me. That's why I'm asking you here if I reduce the take of the alcohol would be ok. Because to be honest in the last 4 days before the tests I did two heavy drinking( those where you almost pass away from alcohol- so lets say at least 500 ml of whiskey/vodka ) Even the last heavy drink was in Saturday night and the tests took place in early Tuesday morning.

So maybe what my question is, if I stop doing the heavy drinking, but continue to drink lets say 100-150 ml whiskey from time to time I mean not everyday like once twice a week, should be a problem?

Thank you in advance

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What happened ? I would stop drinking for month and see if retest or trust me my father died of liver failure so I wouldn’t chance it to turn yellow jaundice just because of drinking and be on kidney dialysis don’t sound like a fun life to me for two days of drinking sadly
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